bail1 [bāl]
[ME & OFr, power, control, custody < OFr baillier, to keep in custody, deliver < L bajulare, to bear a burden < bajulus, porter, carrier]
1. money, a bond, etc. deposited with the court to obtain the temporary release of an arrested person on the assurance that the person will obey the court's orders, as by appearing for trial
2. the release thus brought about
3. the person or persons giving bail
1. to deliver (goods) in trust for a special purpose
2. to set (an arrested person) free on bail or have (an arrested person) set free by giving bail: often with out
3. to help out of financial or other difficulty: often with out
go bail for
to furnish bail for
bail2 [bāl]
[ME & OFr baille, bucket < VL * bajula, vessel < bajulare: see BAIL1]
a bucket or scoop for dipping up water and removing it from a boat
vi., vt.
1. to remove water from (a boat) as with a bail
2. to dip out (water, etc.) as with a bail: Usually with out
☆ bail out
1. to parachute from an aircraft in an emergency
2. Informal to flee a difficult or dangerous situation
bail3 [bāl]
[ME beil < ON beygla < beygja, to bend, arch; ult. < IE base * bheugh- > BOW1]
1. a hoop-shaped support for holding up the cloth of a canopy, etc.
2. a hoop-shaped handle for a bucket, kettle, etc.
3. a bar on a typewriter to hold the paper against the platen
bail4 [bāl]
[ME < OFr baile < ?]
1. Chiefly Brit. a bar or pole to keep animals separate in a barn
2. Cricket either of two sticks laid across the three stumps to form a wicket

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